Frequently Asked Questions

I have nothing to hide, so why should I care about privacy?

Sure, but you probably don't have anything you particularly want to show off either. Here's the thing, privacy is pretty important - it's a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe that the same rights you are granted in the physical world should extend to the online world.

OK, but it's not like someone is watching everything I do right?

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked evidence showing that the intelligence agencies of several governments are engaged in the bulk collection of internet and telephone activity. Since then, there's been a deluge of incidents involving governments and tech companies that has demonstrated that the internet is under constant surveillance. It's even built into the business models of certain social networks, search engines and email providers - ever seen an ad online and felt it was a little eerie how relevant it was? These services track your activity and sell this data to advertisers who then target you with ads.

Isn't staying private on the internet hard?

It depends on what you're worried about. There are lots of tools out there that will provide privacy for different use cases and threat models. Some of them are easy to use and others are aimed at people who have a lot of technical expertise. With Peergos, we've made it so you can easily store files with us and be sure that they can only seen by you and the people who choose to share them with.

If privacy is a right, why do I have to pay you for it?

Unlike some other service providers, we don't rely on monetising data collected about our users. We prefer to keep it simple - we provide a private drive with some awesome features, and you pay us so that we can cover our running costs and spend our time making Peergos even better. No hidden caveats. Alternatively, all our code is open-source so you can download it and run your own Peergos server if you want.

Why should I trust Peergos over my current storage provider?

We'll never sell data about you because we can't! By design, Peergos can't collect data about you, your files and who you share them with. We're an open-source project so all of our code is available for people to check for security flaws and bugs.

I'm definitely going to check out your code. Where can I report a security vulnerability?

You can either send us details within Peergos itself to the "peergos" user, or email us at

Can my company use Peergos?

Definitely! Please contact us for suggestions on how to use Peergos in a corporate setting, or about setting up a corporate account,

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