Frequently Asked Questions

The Product

  • What is Peergos?

    Peergos is your private space online. It lets you store and share files safely and securely.

  • Why should I use Peergos?

    You should use Peergos if you care about privacy and not being exploited by the surveillance economy that companies like Google and Facebook depend on.

  • Where can I report a security vulnerability?

    You can either send us details within Peergos itself to the "peergos" user, or email us at

  • Can my company use Peergos?

    Definitely! Please contact us for suggestions on how to use Peergos in a corporate setting, or about setting up a corporate account,

The Design and Technology

  • Which platforms are supported?

    At the moment we have a web interface that can be used on any major desktop or mobile platform. We will be building a progressive web app, and native apps once we have the resources.

  • How is Peergos secure?

    Peergos is designed from the ground up to use strong encryption and not to depend on DNS, or TLS certificate authorities for its operation.

  • What encryption does Peergos use?

    Peergos uses TweetNaCl, sha256 and scrypt. As soon as clear post-quantum asymmetric algorithms arrive we will migrate sharing and signing to use them. Unshared files are already safe from being exposed by a large quantum computer.

  • How do permissions work?

    You have fine grained control over who can see or edit your files. You can grant other Peergos users read or write acess to individual files or folders, or generate a secret link that you can share with anyone. For more details see Access Control.

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